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Okay, with the removal of those folders, all work assigned to them has been automatically removed from the group, and if your work has been affected you will need to resubmit to one of the relevant new folders. All are fully active and ready to receive submissions from members.

I will reiterate, since there may be an initial flood of resubmissions you may wish to hold off submitting your work over the next few days, so we can stagger this out and help improve visibility of submitted work. I'm also putting the cut-off at 2 per folder per day for the next week, just to help this staggering along. The cut-off will be removed afterwards, however.

Thanks all!


Okay people, right after posting this I will be fully implementing the genre-specific folders, and deleting the old Fictional Works and Poetry Folders. Please feel free to resubmit, but just in case I'm still mucking about behind the scenes you might want to leave it until at least two hours after this blog has been posted.

I'm not sure how smoothly this will go, until I say that you should do otherwise you may wish to remove your work from the group and resubmit it under the new folder. Obviously if there is a lot of movement and resubmission going on your message banks are going to flood a bit, so if anyone was hoping to get older work a bit more attention they may want to leave submission for a few days. :)

Nevertheless, hopefully the move will be relatively uneventful and ultimately quite smooth. If you're have problems note me and I'll direct you as best I can. Any new instructions will come through the blog, if they must occur at all.

Thanks! Will be in touch.
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January 11, 2013


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